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Cosmetic Laser Treatments

MD Claiborne Dermatology offers laser hair removal services for face, arms and legs using Cutera lasers. Cutera lasers is cutting-edge laser system that cools as it glides along the skin’s surface. It can be used on all skin tones and its longer wavelength allows safe and permanent hair removal results without the need for anesthesia or pain medication. 

Most patients require 3 to 6 treatments per area depending on the thickness of the hair in the area being treated. By spreading treatments out over several weeks, there is also a higher chance of catching hair growth in various phases of the growing cycle to ensure complete follicle disabling. Most patients report a mild pinching or stinging sensation during treatment, and the area may be a bit red and swollen for the first day; however, patients are clear to return to normal activities right away. 

Laser hair removal is a much less invasive process than electrolysis. Electrolysis involves using a needle to deliver an electrical charge into each individual hair follicle, resulting in more pain and a significantly longer process. Laser hair removal treatments deliver light waves to hundreds of hair follicles simultaneously taking seconds rather than hours. If you are interested in permanent hair removal, ask about laser hair removal with the Cutera laser system.  

Laser Genesis by Cutera is a non-invasive laser procedure that safely and effectively treats wrinkles, redness and scarring on the face and neck. Laser Genesis is especially effective at treating diffuse redness, a condition caused by capillary dilation mostly on the nose, forehead and cheeks. Diffuse redness is typically associated with rosacea and the symptoms can be significantly diminished through laser therapy. 

Laser Genesis works by heating the layer below the surface of the skin to stimulate college and reduce the appearance of diffuse redness. On average, patients require 4 to 6 treatments for optimum results. There is no need for anesthesia or ice before the procedure, and patients can return to normal activities immediately following treatment. Patients describe the feel of Laser Genesis as relaxing and even therapeutic. Help reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and redness by asking Dr. Claiborne about Laser Genesis by Cutera. 

The Cutera Titan laser is safe to use on the entire body and face. The Titan heats the dermis layer of skin with an even distribution of infrared light energy to reach tighten the skin at deeper levels. During treatment, the top layer of the skin is cooled by the Titan’s continuous cooling system to prevent discomfort and pain during the procedure. The most common areas of treatment are the jawline, neck and abdominal region. Patients typically require two to three treatments over the course of several months to achieve optimum results. The Titan is safe to use on patients of all ages with any skin type. Some patients experience brief tingling during treatment and mild redness following the procedure, but these symptoms dissipate after several hours, allowing patients to return to normal activity upon leaving our office. The Cutera Titan tightens skin without the need for injections, surgery or recovery time.

Fraxel skin resurfacing provides an instant ‘face lift’ using laser light therapy rather than invasive surgery. It helps to improve the texture of sun damaged or scarred skin, boosting collagen production for a younger, tighter look in only one treatment. Fraxel is the first non-ablative fractional skin resurfacing system that simultaneously cools as it moves along the skin.

Intense Pulse Light Therapy, or phototherapy, uses laser to improve facial color and texture without the need for anesthesia or invasive surgery. IPL lasers send out multiple waves of light simultaneously to target the skin at various depths for more effective results.  IPL is more successful on people with lighter skin tones and can be used to treat a wide range of dermatologic issues such as the following: 
+ Acne
+ Birthmarks and Stretchmarks
+ Dark spots and Liver spots
+ Broken blood vessels
+ Fine lines and wrinkles
+ Redness and skin discoloration
+ Spider veins
+ Scarring
+ Unwanted hair
+ Sun damage

Laser therapy can be used to treat a number of vascular lesions such as varicose veins and spider veins, rosacea redness, angiomas and more. Laser therapy provides a fast, non-invasive and effective treatment option to reduce the appearance of vascular lesions both superficially and deep below the surface of the skin.